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Chatwing: Why Premium Advantages Rock

For more than a year, the popular Chatwing free chat widget was rigged with numerous updates and enhancements. Additionally, the premium factors were also overhauled. If you’ve never purchased a premium feature before, it’s advisable to do so now. Here are some reasons why Chatwing’s premium services

How to Remove Shortcut Virus

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB? There are different ways to remove this virus from windows 7 and windows 8 Manual Removal 1- Run CMD with Administrative access 2- d: e.g C:\Users\Ahmad>d: 3- Del *.lnk e.g D:\>del *.lnk 4- attrib –s –r –h *.* /s /d

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Dear readers We welcome the writers from all over the world to write on our web site with three easy steps. 1- Register to our site as a subscriber 2- Choose any post to comment 3- Email your details and topic you want to write to

Secure Your Self : Get Rid of Delta Search Tool Bar

Any one here wants to get rid of Delta Search ? If you’re trying to remove it and it’s not removing using any method then I’ve some other way to do it. Just let me know I’ll tell you.What exactly a Delta Search is, it is a

Identifying Malicious Code

Malicious Scripts Some time ago, this page contained a list of scripts which we had determined through examination to contain malicious code. That list could never be exhaustive, new scripts (often nothing more than trivially editied copies of older versions) appeared every day and, despite many warnings

Detecting and Removing Trojan Horses

  Detection – How to find a Trojan. In this page you are going to learn about Detecting and Removing Trojan Horses. By their very nature trojan horses are difficult to find. Unlike viruses they won’t corrupt files or delete things you might notice, they do their best

Recovering from a system compromise

What to do if you’ve been hacked. If you find you’ve been hacked, simply deleting the troajn horse or closing the open share is often not enough. Using the initial security breach as an entry point, an attacker could easily have created other backdoors into your system

Blaster Worm Removal

Blaster Worm Detection and Removal What is the Blaster Worm? Blaster is a type of computer program which spreads automatically across network connections. Programs of this type are called worms and are distinct from viruses in that they do not require any action on the part of

Nkie Worm Removal

IRC/Nkie Worm Description: The IRC/Nkie worm is among the top five most common IRC worms today. It is also the least documented worm on the internet. This worm is commonly called the $decode worm on IRC. The original $decode is a mIRC script named nkie.txt. It is

Aplore Worm Removal

32/Aplore-A Also Known As: W32.Aphex@mm, Bloodhound.VBS.Worm, I-Worm.Aphex, W32/Aplore-A, W32/Aplore@MM, Win32.Aphex, WORM_APLORE.A, Aphex, I-Worm.Aphex, Psec, Win32/Aphex.Worm, W32.Aphex@mm Infection Length: 319,488 bytes (varies) Article by Golcor Description Aplore is a mixture of tried and tested exploits in which all the code used was previously available. It was simply cobbled