For more than a year, the popular Chatwing free chat widget was rigged with numerous updates and enhancements. Additionally, the premium factors were also overhauled. If you’ve never purchased a premium feature before, it’s advisable to do so now. Here are some reasons why Chatwing’s premium services rock:

Chatwing’s premium services can be availed through virtual coins. Typically, each service costs 1 coin, and you can buy in multiple packs. Each coin is equivalent to $ 1. Once you availed a service, you can terminate it at any time.

One of the premium services that you can take is the chatroom title removal. This feature removes the ‘Chatwing’ title, so your visitors can have better impression of the chatbox. They will think that the chatbox is truly yours. Social sharing option can also be removed to avoid clutter, and other users won’t be able to share the website chat room.

Secure socket layer or SSL is a popular service. With the help of SSL, any information from the chatroom becomes encrypted; this is useful if you own a website or blog that handles e-commerce transactions. Custom subheader is also available, and this also adds a personal touch to the chatroom.

Moreover, you can also communicate with Chatwing Team regarding custom services. The developers can create a chatbox for you, and you’ll be billed through coins. Alternatively, you can just pay the developers directly. Don’t worry—the amount won’t be too much of a burden.

You can consider the premium features as ‘extended services.’ These buyable services are available in your account dashboard. With premium advantage, you can achieve your online goals with relative ease.