Established almost 14 years ago, Nohack aims to provide a source of
information, help and advice for those who have unfortunately become
infected with one of the many trojan horse or virus programs which
abound on the internet today.

Nohack is run by a group of volunteers who investigate, categorise and
develop removal procedures for most viruses and trojans almost as soon
as they are released.. The team is based mainly on the DALnet IRC
Network but has contact with many other networks and anti-virus vendors.
The Nohack project is a strictly non-profit, volunteer effort, supported
entirely by the goodwill of those who take part.

The programs and instructions contained within this site have been
tested to the best of our abilities and are believed to work as stated,
however we can accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of data
which may result from their use. Users should always ensure they have a
working data backup before attempting any kind of virus or trojan
removal. If you are not confident with basic system administration, you
may be well advised to seek the help of a competent friend or computer
specialist before attempting any of the procedures detailed here.