Any one here wants to get rid of Delta Search ? If you’re trying to remove it and it’s not removing using any method then I’ve some other way to do it. Just let me know I’ll tell you.What exactly a Delta Search is, it is a toolbar or search system as same as Babylon and other softwares. Sometimes when we try to install softwares downloaded from the internet it automatically installs with the software.

Now a question will pop in your mind that why we need to remove that or why I’m posting about Delta Search. Delta Search/Babylon looks innocent from their face but actually they are malwares and hijacks your browser and sends your total search history to Delta Search’s developer.

I search for almost 1 hour didn’t found any authentic method to remove it. however you can remove it by simply uninstalling from “Add or remove program” but its cookies left behind and track you all the time.If you want to know if any programme is tracking you then install “Spy Hunter 4″. It is a paid software but it can search for cookies and other malwares for free.I also searched for the malwares and cookies using Mcafee(Registered) and Windows Defender but they didn’t found even a single malware.It’s time to secure yourself. Don’t take it as a joke please.

Download ADWCLEANER from here install it and run a scan after scan is completed press clean button when it will finish restart your computer dalta search will be gone now.

Reference: All Geek Tips